The music of Zeelley Moon is unique, though its sound draws from many influences and a passion for many different musical styles including rock, prog, pop, classical and soundtrack. At the heart of Zeelley Moon’s sound is Pat Molesworth’s writing, his lyrics; sometimes ambiguous, sometimes poignant but always heart felt, and his individual style on piano and Keyboards.


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  1. I want to buy your CD but Amazon only have MP3 Downloads.
    Can I buy direct from you?
    How much to does it cost delivered to the UK?


    1. Hello Caron. Thankyou for your message! I can certainly arrange to send a copy of the album directly yes. As you say, currently only have MP3 though Amazon,com have physical copies in the States. I’ll email you privately Caron with details. 🙂 Mike (Admin for ZM)


      1. Great. Thank you Mike. I discovered you after listening to Steve Petch (‘The Progmeister’!) who has a great show on ARFM on the last Sunday of each month.
        Incidentally, I own Llwyn Helyg Country House in Carmarthenshire, South Wales, we are a Bed and Breakfast retreat for music lovers! We have a dedicated Listening Room with true High End HiFi (Krell, Theta, Wilson Audio etc.) and have an unique niche for those who appreciate music.
        Looking forward to hearing from you.


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