Since the release of their first album in 2017 the music has already attracted considerable attention and sells steadily in the UK, Europe and America.

Zeelley Moon is a British band formed in Buckinghamshire in 2006, headed by Pat Molesworth.

The most recent line-up consists of Pat Molesworth (Piano, Keyboards and vocals), Tony Dodd (Bass), Tony Dubinski (guitars), and Nobby Birch (drums). Previous members include Geoff Bolam (Guitars), Andy Whitaker (Bass), and Manna Ash (Drums), Chris Garner (Bass), Terry Finn (Drums), plus various guest backing vocalists.

The band have performed live many times though currently spending more time in the studio, having released the first album.

Currently an independent band, they are distributing their releases through CD baby and their own website, selling both a physical album and download.

Although they’re not a progressive Rock band, the first album received critical acclaim from the progressive rock community. The album itself has been described as multi-genre.

Many independent radio shows have featured songs by Zeelley Moon and the album made Garry Foster’s top ten albums of 2017 (Garry Foster 101.8 wcr fm)


Pat started writing songs and musical themes in his teens.

In 2006 Pat joined Chris Garner (Bass), Terry Finn (Drums) and Geoff Bolam (Guitar) to form a house band and named it Touchwood.

In 2008 Touchwood recorded a live album with the help of Derik Timms.

They continued to perform regularly at various venues and festivals Bucks, Berks, Herts and London until their last live performance in 2009 at Boxmoor Music Festival.

Shortly after this Pat left the band.

In 2010 Pat formed Zeelley Moon with Geoff Bolam (Guitars), Manna Ash (Drums) and Andy Whitaker (Bass) and again performed live.

In 2011 they recorded three songs; Smile, Feel so Real and Designer Crime at Area 18 Studios in West London. Not released, they were to become part of the next album, although recording didn’t resume until 2015.

In 2012 Pat met with Tony Dodd, Tony Dubinski and Nobby Birch and the current line up of Zeelley Moon was formed.

In 2013 rehearsals started and they went on to perform live again.

2015 saw the start of new recordings at Area 18 Studios, West London.

The last live band performances were summer 2016 before Pat moved to Wales.


Pat continued to work on the album with contributions mostly from the band but also drafting in various musicians and it was completed in July 2017.